REX Stores Build in Cheyenne Business Parkway

Once again, the theory that one person can truly make a positive impact on the community became a reality. Because of an individual’s referral of a possible new business prospect, Cheyenne has another business.

In August 1995, advertising executive Scott Walker of the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle learned that REX Stores Corporation needed a site for a distribution center in the West. He immediately contacted Cheyenne LEADS.

Jack Crews, president of Cheyenne LEADS, followed up on the referral. After 21 months of negotiations and planning, REX Stores Corporation, one of the national largest retailers of consumer electronics and home appliances, constructed a 150,000 square foot distribution center in Cheyenne.

Crews said, “In the course of making normal business contacts, countless individuals have the opportunity to help the community to grow and prosper. Scott Walker did just that.” LEADS credits both this announcement and the recent Quark announcement to referrals by local residents. Crews said, “A community team-effort is essential if we’re to be successful in creating more new jobs in a diversified economy.” Commenting on the new distribution center before its construction, Keith Magby, vice president of operations said, “The distribution center here in Cheyenne will complement our other two distribution centers perfectly.” The new site will serve as the final distribution center for REX. Currently the company has a 315,000 square foot facility in Dayton serving the northeast, mid-Atlantic, southeast and mid-west states. A 150,000 square foot center is located in Pensacola, Florida, which serves the gulf coast states.

Magby said LEADS convinced Rex executives of the strategic location and excellent labor pool of Cheyenne for their western distribution needs. Rex first entered the Cheyenne market in October 1995 with a retail store located at 2152 Dell Range Blvd.

In the recent past, REX has opened 35 stores a year. Plans for the Cheyenne distribution center could reach one million square feet if Rex’s market growth in the West merits it. Crews said the new Rex facility helps fulfill one of LEADS’ strategic goals of placing nationally recognized distribution facilities in the Cheyenne Business Parkway. Rex purchased 58 acres in the Cheyenne Business Parkway from Cheyenne LEADS for its center on the south side of Campstool and east of the Quark facility. The highly automated Rex facility initially employed 20 employees.

Rex is excited about being part of the Cheyenne community and looks forward to bringing continual employment opportunities to the residents of Cheyenne.” REX Stores Corporation, a publicly held company, traded on the New York Exchange (RSC) is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. The company currently operates 222 retail stores in 35 states.