Workforce Demographics

  • Unemployment: 3.9%.(Q1 2023)
  • Cheyenne Population: 65,051
  • Laramie County Population: 99,500
  • Labor Shed: 183,000

Labor Information

  • Right-to-work state
  • Percentage of employees in Wyoming represented by a union: 7.3%
  • Cheyenne has more than 12,000 under-employed people creating an attractive pool of available workers

Labor Availability

  • Laramie County Community College: 5,389 students
  • University of Wyoming: 11,100 students
  • Colorado State University: 34,819 students
  • University of Northern Colorado: 15,300 students
  • F.E. Warren AFB: 9,700 personnel, civil service and dependents

Corporate businesses such as Lowe’s Regional Distribution Center, VAE Nortrak, Magpul Industries, and Sierra have found a qualified, dedicated workforce.

Workforce Development Training Grants

The Workforce Development Training Grant fund provides money to employers to increase employee skills.

Business Training Grants and Apprenticeship Grants

Funding limits of:
$4,000/employee/ year
$5,000/employee/ year for preferred industries
$200,000/business/ year

Additional Training

Vital to economic team building, the local community college offers a range of academic, vocational and technical programs that provide a high-quality workforce, including:

  • Custom-tailored employee training
  • On-site training and professional development
  • Employee development and leadership training
  • Professional continuing education
  • Specialized computer training

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services

The Department of Workforce Services is Wyoming’s newest State Agency. The Agency is focused on delivering comprehensive and effective services that build a workforce to meet the changing demands of Wyoming’s diverse businesses, citizens and economy – hence, the Agency’s mission – bridging human and economic development for Wyoming’s future. The Department of Workforce Services is comprised of four divisions (listed below), all of which have distinct objectives that parallel the Agency’s overall mission.

Business Training & Outreach

The BTO Division is charged with promoting economic and educational opportunities for Wyoming’s diverse population. BTO administers the Apprenticeship Utilization Program, the Employment & Training for Self-Sufficiency Program, the WY Quality Counts!™ Program, Workforce Development Training Fund Program, theSenior Community Service Employment Program, the Dads Making a Difference Program and the Community Workforce & Volunteer Partnership Program. BTO also facilitates the Workforce Analysis for Future Investment project.

Employment Services

The ES Division helps to provide the means by which to build a workforce to meet the changing demands of Wyoming’s diverse businesses, citizens and economy. ES administers a number of important, federally-funded programs, including the Workforce Investment Act Program, the Veterans Employment & Training Program, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program and the Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker Program among others.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The VR Division has the responsibility to advance employment opportunities for persons with disabilities within the State. VR administers the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, the Business Enterprise Program, the Wyoming Telecommunications Relay Service and the Social Security Disability Determination Service Program.

Office of the Director

The Office of the Director is home to the Director, Deputy Director, Policy Analyst and the Agency’s Service and Support Unit. The Service and Support Unit works diligently in providing the Agency’s policy, financial, human resources, communications and technology services to its internal clientele.

Other Wyoming Economic Development Organizations