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Voted the “Most Polite City” by the executives across the nation, Cheyenne presents many favorable attributes.

Particularly noted for its spirit of volunteerism, the community supports a myriad of activities. One annual event typifies this spirit. Each year, as Cheyenne swells to accommodate three times its population, more than 2,500 residents volunteer their time and talent to produce the world’s largest outdoor rodeo — Cheyenne Frontier Days— an extravaganza lasting 10 exciting days and nights.


Hundreds of restaurants to please any palate – from Asian cuisine to buffalo burgers.

Things to Do

There’s always something fun happening in the Cheyenne area, whether it’s high-energy rodeo, the culture of high tea, or amazing sales!


Wyoming’s climate is much more comfortable than the national average. At an average altitude of 6,100 feet, the temperature in Wyoming rarely exceeds 100 degrees F. The local high temperature for the Cheyenne area averages around 82 degrees F in the summer months and 40 degrees F in the winter months.

Cheyenne rests on a broad plateau 6,100 feet above sea level. Majestic mountains to the west act as a moisture barrier, lending to the city’s semi-arid climate. Bathed in sunshine and clear blue skies 327 days a year, the city experiences 52 inches of annual snowfall, which quickly melts away in the sun’s warm rays.

  • Average monthly temperature: 58.5 degrees F
  • Average monthly humidity: 52%
  • Annual precipitation: 15.92 inches
  • Average wind velocity: A mild 13 m.p.h.