LEADS Announces Thorson Departure

Cheyenne LEADS announced the June 2007 departure of Tim Thorson. Thorson joined LEADS in the spring of 2004 as Vice President with responsibility for business recruiting and project management.

He is leaving LEADS after accepting the Grants Manager position at Laramie County. In his letter of resignation Thorson explained that, “while I regret leaving such an extraordinary organization… this new position provides a unique opportunity to serve the community while moving forward towards my long-term professional and personal goals.”

Thorson has been part of or headed up major projects throughout his three years at LEADS, including the Wal-Mart Distribution recruitment, North Range Business Park development, LEADS M.E. Fund, Pine Bluffs downtown development, nanoDiscovery Materials Corporation recruitment and building, Allstate recruitment, Burnett Dairy project, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research project. Along with these high-profile projects, he has been involved in many lower-profile but significant projects and day-to-day economic development efforts.

“Tim has been a tremendous asset to LEADS. He is extraordinarily well qualified for this new job, from which he will be able to continue the economic development of Laramie County. We wish him well,” said Chief Executive Officer, Randy Bruns.

Cheyenne LEADS is a member-supported private non-profit corporation devoted to bringing jobs and economic opportunity to Laramie County. LEADS serves as the Economic Development entity for the City of Cheyenne and for Laramie County, Wyoming