Governor Joins ACT to Announce Installation of New Fiber Optic Line

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Matt Mead and Sheridan-based Advanced Communications Technology (ACT) are pleased to announce ACT is installing a new fiber optics line from Casper to the Colorado border. Governor Mead continues to further the expansion of broadband services. He has worked with Department of Transportation (WYDOT) to help companies by opening the existing right of way for fiber lines and to create space for future expansion.

“Any time we expand broadband it benefits people and business. ACT is one of many companies operating in Wyoming. This means more options for Wyoming people and more access points for communities from Casper to the Colorado border,” Governor Mead said. “Wyoming used its right of way and ACT will build the line with multiple access points – this is a good example of a strong public-private partnership.” ACT plans to start installing the new fiber in July and have it operating by early 2015.

“We believe this fiber optic network expansion has the potential to benefit many communities and businesses across Wyoming,” said ACT General Manager, Aaron Sopko. “ACT’s network will now span the entire state, north to south and east to west, reaching many communities in between and connecting Wyoming to the rest of the world with redundant and diverse routes. ACT has also been able to coordinate this effort with other service providers that will benefit from the availability of dark fiber, ultimately having a positive impact on existing customers in the communities they serve along the route. Without the efforts of Governor Mead and the Wyoming Department of Transportation, this project may not have become a reality.”