UK- based company expanding to Cheyenne, WY

CHEYENNE, Wyoming (June 7, 2017) –Cheyenne LEADS announces the introduction of new company Truweigh LLC to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Truweigh is a subsidiary of Dalman Enterprises Limited based in the United Kingdom.

Truweigh, LLC is a new business providing quality miniscales to the wholesale trade throughout the United States. These small scales have endless uses including portion control in food and diet, inventory control by small parts counting, weighing jewelry and precious metals, and measuring powder for applications such as reloading ammunition.

The scale market is diverse and the opportunities are endless, says CEO Jessie Nugent.

Truweigh will be located in a 27,000 square foot industrial warehouse on the west side of Cheyenne.

Start-up operations began in January and active selling to begin in June of this year.

About Cheyenne LEADS

Cheyenne LEADS is a private, not-for-profit economic development organization serving as the economic development entity for the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County, Wyoming. LEADS can assist non-retail businesses in all phases of relocation or expansion.

For more information about this development contact Jessie Nugent at or by calling 307-514-5243.