Sutherland Promoted to Vice President

The Board of Directors, at its June meeting, voted to appoint Scott Sutherland as Vice President of Cheyenne LEADS. Scott has been serving as Business Development Director since September.

The Vice President of LEADS answers directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Randy Bruns and has additional corporate authority, as prescribed by LEADS’ by-laws. “I am pleased that the Board approved Scott’s promotion,” stated Bruns. “Scott has shown that he has the knowledge, experience and judgment to contribute to LEADS as an organization and to advance economic development in Cheyenne and Laramie County.”

Sutherland came from Torrington, Wyoming with a substantial background in economic development. He has served on the Federal Home Loan Bank Board of Directors in rural housing and economic development and for the University of Wyoming as Director of Development for the College of Health Science. Sutherland served for 10 years as the Executive Director of the Goshen County Economic Development Corporation, was elected to the WEDA Board of Directors and served on the Governor’s Economic Development Advisory Board during the time leading up to the creation of the Wyoming Business Council. Sutherland currently serves in the Wyoming National Guard and has done so for the past 23 years.

“I am honored and excited to be the new Vice President of LEADS,” commented Sutherland. “I have enjoyed working with companies thus far that are researching expansion and/or relocation opportunities in the Cheyenne area and look forward to continuing that work with the confidence of the board and the authority of my new title.”

Cheyenne LEADS is a private, not-for-profit economic development organization serving as the economic development entity for the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County, Wyoming. LEADS garners its operating funding from more than 300 corporate and individual dues-paying members and contracts with the City of Cheyenne, Laramie County, and the Cheyenne-Laramie County Economic Development Joint Powers Board. LEADS can assist non-retail businesses in all phases of relocation or expansion in the area.