Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council Rank Wyoming in Top 3 of Policy Environments for Entrepreneurship across the Nation

October 2006

Wyoming ranked 3rd, in overall ranking out of 51states (including the District of Columbia) in the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Councils’ “Small Business Survival Index 2006”

In coming up with the ratings, the eleventh annual Small Business Survival Index tied together 29 major government-imposed or government-related costs impacting small business and entrepreneurs across a broad spectrum of industries and types of businesses. SBE Council CEO and President Karen Kerrigan added, “The ‘Small Business Survival Index’ is notable for its breadth. These costs include personal income tax, capital gains tax, corporate income tax, additional income tax on S-Corporations, individual alternative minimum tax, corporate alternative minimum tax, indexing personal income tax rates, property taxes, sales, gross receipts and excise taxes, death taxes, unemployment tax rates, health care regulation: guaranteed issue for small groups, health care regulation: guaranteed issue for self-employed group of one, health care regulation: community rating, health care regulation: number of mandates, electricity costs, workers’ compensation costs, total crime rate, right to work, number of bureaucrats, tax limitation states, internet taxes, gas tax, state minimum wage, state legal liability costs, regulatory flexibility status, trend in state and local government spending, per capita state and local government spending and protecting private property.

For reasoning of the specific cost areas, download the entire 2006 Index report.

For the press release visit the SBEC website.