Heli-Support Relocates to Cheyenne Airport

Heli-Support, Inc., an international helicopter-servicing company relocated to Cheyenne from Fort Collins, Co. LEADS provided ongoing assistance with local contacts, property location, state tax issues and airport coordination.

Company officials said that about 42 of the 65 employees at the Fort Collins facility will be transitioned to Cheyenne by early 2004, and the remaining would probably be transitioned by the end of 2004.

Heli-Support has maintained its Fort Collins facility since 1982 and has worked with Cheyenne LEADS for several years regarding a move to the Cheyenne area. The company is subsidiary of Roberts Aircraft Co., a helicopter-leasing company, providing aircraft to for fire-fighting support, oil exploration and drilling, mining, naval-vessel supply replenishment and aero-medical services.

Heli-Support is an FAA-approved repair station and a factory-authorized maintenance and overhaul center for Eurocopter Helicopters and Turbomeca Engines. The company has extensive “turnkey” rotorcraft capabilities to include avionics, completion work, painting and aero-medical installations as well as routine maintenance. On various models of Eurocopter helicopters and Turbomeca engines, Heli-Support, Inc. is among a handful of factory-approved overhaul centers worldwide.