Grobet designates Cheyenne for worldwide manufacturing headquarters

CHEYENNE, WY — Effective immediately, Cheyenne has been designated Grobet USA’s world headquarters for manufacturing, research and development. Grobet USA is an international manufacturer of precision equipment, instruments, supplies and tools.

This is the second expansion-related announcement made by the company since it communicated in December 2000 it would construct a 40,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in the LEADS-owned Cheyenne Business Parkway.

In January, the company said it would relocate the manufacture of its flexible shaft fractional horsepower motor line and the manufacture of its entire line of capital equipment to Cheyenne. This expansion is currently in progress.

“The latest announcement is an obvious feather in Cheyenne’s cap,” Cheyenne LEADS President Randy Bruns said. “Manufacturing headquarters are a very desirable addition to a community, particularly when the company operates internationally. And certainly this will increase the visibility of Cheyenne as a manufacturing location.”

Initially 10 to 15 jobs will be added to Grobet’s expanding workforce as a direct result of the headquarters announcement. However, according to Bruns, this further sets the stage for more expansion that could result in an additional 50 to 70 jobs.

Bruns added even as the headquarters transition begins, the company’s Cheyenne address will begin to appear on letterhead and publications, thus generating positive publicity for the city.

Cheyenne LEADS, the Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development, was founded in 1987 with the purpose of positioning Cheyenne and Laramie County as a location of choice for new and expanding businesses.