Google calls Cheyenne the digital capital of Wyoming

CHEYENNE – According to Google, the state capital is also the digital capital of Wyoming by having the strongest online business community in the state to outpace Casper, Google’s 2013 eCity.

“These cities’ businesses are using the Web to find new customers, connect with existing customers and fuel their local economies,” Google’s statement on the awards said.

To score cities, analysts took a random sample of 51 small businesses in the top five Google AdWords purchasing cities in the state relative to size. The analysts then checked if the businesses had websites or blogs, had social network presences, were listed in online phone directories and allowed for eCommerce transactions. Website friendliness was also scored. In terms of weight, having a website was most important followed by whether online transactions were allowed and then social media presence.

Google had good things to say in general about Cheyenne’s up-and-coming digital industry.

“With abundant electricity and a dry, cool climate, Cheyenne is attracting Big Sky Country startups and data centers alike –– among them, the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s supercomputing center,” the company’s write-up of Cheyenne said.

Microsoft and Green House Data have data centers in the new digital capital of Wyoming as well; and both have recently significantly expanded those operations. Cheyenne also hosts the largest online retailer in the state: Sierra Trading Post.

“Cheyenne serves as a prime example of how innovation and growth in e-commerce can successfully contribute to bolstering economic progress and competitiveness,” said Emma Ogiemwanye, a representative from Google in a release. “Google is proud to recognize Cheyenne’s accomplishment, and the role it plays in creating Wyoming jobs.”

Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen said the award is welcome and deserved.

“A concerted and focused effort has been made over the last four years to, in essence, reach out to those we serve, and to use online capabilities to enhance communications and efficiencies,” Kaysen said in the release.

Courtesy of Mark Wilcox
Wyoming Business Report