German Robotics Company Opens U.S. Office in Cheyenne

CHEYENNE – Vulkan Technic, GmbH, a German company, signed agreements with Cheyenne LEADS on Thursday, 8 January officially initiating the company’s presence in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Vulkan’s Cheyenne facility will be the company’s first in North America.

Gregor Trierscheid, manager for North American Operations, is happy to relocate himself and to expand the company to the United States, specifically Cheyenne. “Cheyenne is a great place to open our U.S. operations,” stated Trierscheid. “It is centrally located and the proximity to the University of Wyoming is key because we need skilled people that want to stay in the profession so their experience and knowledge is not lost within a few years if they were to move to another company.”

Cheyenne LEADS began discussions with Vulkan after responding to a request for information through the Wyoming Business Council. In July 2008 the company toured several Wyoming communities with the WBC and ultimately selected Cheyenne as the most suitable site for establishing North American operations.

Edgar Caspers, managing director of Vukan Technic, stated, “In Germany we work closely and are supported by the University of Pforzheim and we want to build the same relationship with the University of Wyoming but at the same time we need to be close to an international airport and centrally located to serve all our U.S. customers. Cheyenne gives us all that, plus we feel that we will be able to attract and retain the skilled people we need in this location.”

Vulkan Technic Maschinen-Konstruktions GmbH was founded in 1995 and is located in Wiesbaum in the Vulkaneifel region, 1 hour south of Cologne, Germany. Vulkan Technic’s key aspects of activity are development and manufacturing of customized robotic machinery for a quality-assured mass production of high-quality goods in various industrial fields including, automotive, glass, electronics and metal, consumer goods, food and beverage, and biotechnology and life science.

Vulkan Technic offers the complete infrastructure covering development, design engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of hardware and software as well as after-sales service. This includes spare-parts service, operator and maintenance training as well as maintenance of the installed robotics.

“This is a great accomplishment for Cheyenne and Laramie County,” stated Scott Sutherland, vice president of Cheyenne LEADS. “To have a high-tech German robotics company choose Cheyenne as the site for its North American headquarters says a lot to others within the industry about where Laramie County is headed in the future.”

Cheyenne LEADS is a member-supported private non-profit corporation devoted to bringing jobs and economic opportunity to Laramie County. LEADS serves as the Economic Development entity for the City of Cheyenne and for Laramie County, Wyoming.