Fourth Generation New Zealand family-owned engineering technology company expanding to Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming (April 8, 2022) – UMC Technology Ltd. (UMC), a fencing and wire machinery manufacturer, celebrating 90 years in business, has a reputation for producing highly efficient machinery – and they are expanding to Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

After the decision was made to set up a North American location and careful consideration was given, UMC made the decision to choose the state of Wyoming for their manufacturing and sales facility. 

UMC identified many similarities between New Zealand and Wyoming. “The people are very friendly, and hardworking, and the geography similar,” said UMC CEO, Mark Ullrich. “We felt right at home from the first visit to Cheyenne last year.”

UMC intends to be an American company, and fully immerse itself in the community and commit to the people in the area.  This new location, a first in the United States, will create 10 jobs, with a plan for more in the future.  

UMC met with Cheyenne LEADS on their first visit to Cheyenne in late 2021. “It wasn’t long after that initial meeting we committed to Cheyenne,” Ullrich added. “There was a lot of support from the LEADS staff, along with the LEADS Board to make our move to Cheyenne a reality.”  

“UMC Technology Ltd., is a perfect fit for Cheyenne and the State of Wyoming,” says Cheyenne LEADS CEO, Betsey Hale.  “UMC is a family-owned company that provides quality jobs, great benefits, and will be an active member of the community.”

The facility will be located in the Cheyenne LEADS-owned North Range Business Park just west of Cheyenne.  UMC plans to begin construction of its 20,000 sq ft facility in the summer of 2022.

About the UMC Technology Ltd.

UMC Technology Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing of wire fence machines and recently released their patented UMC Fence Lokk Machine (FLM) series. UMC’s underlying philosophy is more than just building machines, they strive to contribute to creating technologies that help improve the world we live in.

Their FLM machine is the only fabricated fence machine in the world capable of producing two different types of fence knot with the same machine. Combining decades of experience and innovation, UMC has been able to deliver a high-speed, versatile, state-of-the-art machine with integrated safety and wide-ranging functionality.

The design principles were first to create value for fence manufacturers by offering a machine that gives knot type flexibility and is safe and simple to operate. Secondly, to lower the cost of entry for companies that may be looking to enter the fabricated fence sector, or for existing producers looking to expand their product range. Thirdly, to offer features to end-use consumers that will enhance the welfare and protection of livestock or people interacting with a fabricated fence.

As a result of widespread consultation with the fencing industry, UMC has delivered a fabricated fence machine that can be changed from one-knot type to another within a few hours, achieving cost and time savings for manufacturers. Other benefits of this new design include increased productivity and knot quality, reduced downtime, and an improved operator environment.

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About Cheyenne LEADS

Cheyenne LEADS is a private, not-for-profit organization serving as the economic development entity for the City of Cheyenne and Laramie County, Wyoming. LEADS can assist businesses in all phases of relocation or expansion. Cheyenne LEADS Mission: To position Cheyenne and Laramie County as a location of choice for new and expanding businesses.

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For questions and additional information contact:

Mark Ullrich

CEO – UMC Technology Ltd

New Zealand
+64 21 338 872 | +64 3 338 6696

Betsey Hale, CEcD

CEO – Cheyenne LEADS

: 307-772-7241 c: 307-630-2179