Cheyenne’s Brewista Creates a First Of Its Kind Nut Processor

(March 21, 2017) Cheyenne based Brewista has launched its first Kickstarter campaign!

Developed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the Brewista NutraMilk is the brain child of Brewista president, Brian Gross, recognizing the need for a simpler and faster method for making fresh, wholesome nut milk.

The patented NutraMilk is the first device of its kind, making fresh nut butter and nut milk from virtually any type of nut in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee! Using only fresh nuts and water users can make wholesome, healthy nut milk on demand without the need for emulsifiers and additives.

Using specifically geared motors, precisely designed blades and a revolutionary wiper system to continuously mix the nuts and water, the NutraMilk takes the mess, time and hassle out of making incredibly fresh nut milk. Simply add nuts to the chamber, press “BUTTER” and the NutraMilk creates delicious nut butter. Add water and press “MIX”, the NutraMilk creates up to 2 liters of the freshest nut milk possible. One last press of the “DISPENSE” button finishes the process, all in under 12 minutes.

As with all innovative Brewista products, the NutraMilk nut processor was born out of necessity and demand. More and more people are turning to dairy alternatives for reasons of allergies or the desire for healthier options. While there are countless commercially produced dairy alternatives on the market, even organic varieties contain emulsifiers like carrageenan. A quick internet search will produce dozens of methods to make nut milk at home, but most require soaking the nuts overnight and all require some degree of messy straining.


The NutraMilk project was initially developed over the course of two semesters in the Industrial Design department of Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2015. The research and ideations of the students was built upon and refined by Brewista designers and engineers in Cheyenne to make the NutraMilk viable for manufacturability. For more than three years Brewista has worked closely with MSU Denver. That relationship earned Brewista the Community Partner Award in 2016.

Slated to be on store shelves in late 2017, the NutraMilk is the perfect product for coffee shops that want to set themselves apart from the crowd and for health conscious people that simply want to make nut milk at home.

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About Brewista

Brewista was formed in 2014 and is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  Brewista is a collaboration of engineers, designers, coffee and tea aficionados, roasters and brewers with decades of combined brewed beverage experience. That experience allows them to design, manufacture and distribute the finest brewed beverage products available.  Brewista is a pioneer company bringing manufacturing and jobs back to the United States.