Cheyenne receives Five-Star, Quality-of-Life ranking

A national monthly business magazine selected Cheyenne as a Five Star Community due to its excellent quality of life.

Cheyenne was listed in Expansion Management magazine’s May 2001 issue based the magazine’s third-annual Quality of Life Quotient (QLQ), which measures nearly 50 different quality-of-life indicators and compares them among the 329 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) throughout the United States.

The top 50 MSAs earned Expansion Management’s coveted “Five Star” designation while the following 60 MSAs received a “Four Star” designation. The magazine rates metro areas to provide its readers with a basis for comparing the type of living and working environments they are likely to encounter in various communities around the country.

“We ranked each of the 329 MSAs according to 47 different statistical categories to come up with what we believe are the best places-from a livability and affordability standpoint-for manufacturing companies to grow and prosper,” the article states.

Some of the areas contributing to Cheyenne’s ranking include a reasonable cost of living, affordable housing, low crime, excellent transportation access, good public schools, proximity to community colleges and universities, an educated work force and low taxes.

“Our goal is to provide small- to mid-sized company executives with a basis for comparing the type of living and working environment they are likely to encounter in various communities around the country,” the editors stated.

The most heavily weighted category in the QLQ addresses the ability of families and individuals to meet their financial needs and desires. Median family income, per capita income and per capita disposable income levels were combined with cost of living adjustments, state and local tax burdens, family and individual property levels and unemployment rates.

In addition the editors acknowledge peace of mind is important to most families and employers.

“When it comes to quality of life from an individual or company perspective, low crime rates provide a sense of security, an expectation that a person won’t fall victim to personal injury or property loss,” said Les Gramkow, research editor for Expansion Management.

Expansion Management is a monthly publication that circulates to more than 45,010 CEOs and senior managers of actively expanding companies. The publication is designed to provide an in-depth reporting and analysis of corporate strategies for site and facility planning.

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