Cheyenne LEADS’ VP Resigns, Accepts Executive Director Position in Casper

CHEYENNE, Wyoming (November 4, 2011) – Cheyenne LEADS, the Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development, has announced that Scott Sutherland, Vice President of Business Development, has submitted his resignation in order to accept the position of President & CEO of CAEDA, Inc., the Casper Area Economic Development Alliance.

Sutherland has been with Cheyenne LEADS for over four years and has been instrumental in helping the organization build its capacity, increase its net worth, work with the legislature on important legislation and help close key projects to bring jobs into Laramie County.

Randy Bruns, President & CEO of Cheyenne LEADS said, “The organization will miss Scott’s capable pursuit of economic development and I will personally miss his drive, innovative approach and just plain hard work. Taking a longer term view, we all will benefit from a good relationship between LEADS and CAEDA.”

Sutherland started with LEADS as Business Development Director in September 2007 and was promoted to Vice President in July 2008. Sutherland said, “I have truly enjoyed working with LEADS for these last four years. Cheyenne is a wonderful community and it has been a pleasure to be a part of helping the community progress. I am sorry to leave LEADS and all of the wonderful contacts and friends I have made, but I am also very excited to return to my hometown and take the position of President and Chief Executive of CAEDA. I have full confidence that LEADS will continue along the same successful path.”

Sutherland’s last day at LEADS is November 28, 2011. His first day with CAEDA is December 1, 2011.