Cheyenne LEADS Launches Radio Campaign

Cheyenne LEADS is launching its new radio campaign featuring some of its local members. LEADS created this campaign with the hope of reaching out to community members and informing them of what Cheyenne LEADS is all about. “These radio spots are an opportunity for LEADS to continue telling its story,” states Randy Bruns, CEO of Cheyenne LEADS. “The true mission or story of Cheyenne LEADS has been and will continue to be all about creating jobs.”

Since its inception in 1986 more than 80 new companies have been recruited and over 5,000 new jobs have been created in Cheyenne and Laramie County. The annual payroll from these companies is over $150 million, with a capital investment of over $300 million. One very important factor to these successes – they would not have been possible without the support of the LEADS Membership.
“LEADS Members consist of Businesses, Individuals, Non-profits, Governmental Entities and really any individual who cares about the economic growth of the Cheyenne-Laramie County community.” says Mark Stege, Board Chair for Cheyenne LEADS. “Being a member of Cheyenne LEADS means you are investing in the future of this community.”

Cheyenne LEADS has been around for over 26 years and is a great asset to the community with two business parks, Cheyenne Business Parkway east of town on I-80 and North Range Business Park at I-25 and I-80. With these parks and the ongoing support from LEADS members, this community has seen many successes – Microsoft, NCAR, Sierra Trading Post and EchoStar Broadcasting Corporation to name just a few.

“It is because of the commitment of the LEADS members that Cheyenne LEADS is poised to ensure positive progress,” states Bruns.

To find out more information on becoming a member of Cheyenne LEADS, visit or call 307.638.6000