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Wyoming Capital Access (formerly WIDC•Frontier CDC), Wyoming’s leading provider of SBA 504 Loans and SBA Wyoming Lender of the Year for three years in a row has begun operating under the new name of Wyoming Capital Access. For more than 40 years our organization has assisted Wyoming small businesses to secure the financing required for sustainable growth and expansion. The name and branding changes come at a time when helping small businesses rebound and grow is more important than ever.

The new logo, brand identity, and brand strategy update the company’s corporate identity and their commitment to help grow Wyoming small businesses. The new name and branding take inspiration from the state of Wyoming and both the name and branding reflect the company’s uniquely Wyoming connection. 

The emergence of Wyoming Capital Access is the next step in a progression from a time when the Wyoming Industrial Development Corporation (WIDC) and Frontier Certified Development Company (Frontier CDC) merged into WIDC•Frontier to more effectively meet the needs of the Wyoming business and banking communities. Now we continue forward in that same spirit of change as Wyoming Capital Access.

Wyoming Capital Access provides guidance and access to government-related loan programs, as alternative business financing options, for Wyoming lenders and Wyoming small businesses. 

Wyoming Capital Access strengthens communities across the State by providing low-interest financing to expanding small businesses and innovative entrepreneurs. Small business is often referred to as the backbone of the economy. They create local jobs, stimulate the local economy and often bring new dollars into the community. Over the past ten years, Wyoming Capital Access has created more than 2,500 stable and sustainable new jobs in Wyoming.

As the statewide business financing experts, our goal is to work with Wyoming lenders to identify project funding that meets the needs of their small business customers.