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Our Vision
Our mission is clear: Wallick & Volk’s Team of Mortgage Professionals is dedicated to helping members of our community in their efforts to realize the great American dream of home ownership.

Wallick & Volk does not simply offer home loans. We are knowledgeable, experienced mortgage lenders who are proud to provide every customer with peace of mind. Our Loan Officers will ensure that each individual borrower’s needs are understood, and deliver options that allow those needs to be met or exceeded. We are dedicated to helping home owners manage their mortgage in a way that will maximize finances and investments for a lifetime.

Our Passion
Our passion is to educate home buyers and help them understand the importance of mortgage management in the realization of their financial goals. All Wallick & Volk, all Mortgage Advisors are “mortgage-literate,” and are required to achieve the Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS) designation to help them better serve our customers.

In addition, Our Mortgage Advisors are seasoned home loan experts in both conventional and government loans. Wallick & Volk has a 50 year track record of working successfully with FHA, VA, and USDA agencies and programs. Our experienced Loan Officers rank head and shoulders above their mortgage industry competition, and are distinctive from others for two simple reasons:

  • Our Corporate Brand
  • Our Employees

Each Wallick & Volk Mortgage Professional is instrumental to our success, a vital part of our growth plan, and equally important in helping our customers realize their home ownership goals. Our employees are an essential part of our success and integrally linked to our corporate brand.

Our mortgage company’s business model has been solid since 1932, and was built upon an understanding of our staff’s value and their commitment to community support. Unlike others, we don’t merely offer home loans, we offer consumer education that helps our customers build dreams.

Family Owned
Wallick & Volk is family owned and operated. Our Team of Mortgage Professionals is dedicated to helping home buyers realize the great American dream of home ownership.

This commitment began with our company’s founders, is a hallmark of our Mortgage Advisors, and weaves its way through the support staff in our branch and corporate offices. Every Wallick & Volk Mortgage Associate is part of the process.

All our employees work as a Team to help both the prospective mortgage holder and their co-workers meet their goals. We view both corporate and branch staff as not only vital members of our family, but one of our most important assets.

Wallick & Volk is proud of our consistent company track record of extremely low employee turnover in the stressful, high-demand field of mortgage banking.

Sterling Reputation
We are proud of our excellent reputation as a premier, service-driven, family-oriented, experienced mortgage lender. Wallick & Volk does not actively recruit. Our industry reputation attracts highly productive teams of Mortgage Professionals that seek autonomy combined with the knowledge they will be part of a partnership that produces results.