Bison Blockchain



Data Center

Bison Blockchain began in 2021 with an ambitious mission to build the largest Bitcoin mine in Wyoming. We started our endeavor through a RFP (request for proposal) process with Black Hills Energy, and upon selection from more than a dozen companies — including several of the largest Bitcoin mining companies in the world — we went to work to achieve our mission.

We are passionate about fostering the growth and adoption of blockchain technology throughout the state and country. Our co-founders, one of which is a Wyoming native, all share the vision and goal of providing benefit to Wyoming’s local communities, economy, and in advancing Wyoming’s leadership in blockchain and energy industry through our work in Cheyenne and other planned developments.

We founded Bison Blockchain with a commitment to the Cheyenne community to hire local. To date, we have hired local teams of electricians, engineers, and construction crews, and are proud to have already hired several full-time team members from Cheyenne to manage and help operate the mining facilities.

Bison Blockchain and our partner, Mine One, have contracted for Bison Blockchain to manage and operate mining facilities at two site locations. The two site locations are in business parks near Cheyenne (North Range and Campstool). Upon completion, North Range will be the largest Bitcoin mine in Wyoming!