Laramie County Community College


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LCCC started in 1968 as a full-service, comprehensive community college. The college moved to its current location in November 1969 after having offices and classrooms in several locations in downtown Cheyenne and in other parts of the city. We now have campuses in Cheyenne and Laramie and an outreach center in Pine Bluffs. LCCC continues to grow to meet the needs of the students and community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Laramie County Community College is to transform our students’ lives through the power of inspired learning.

We are all bound by a basic understanding that our students, regardless of how they arrive at LCCC, yearn for a better life by engaging in the process of acquiring knowledge. Thus, we are compelled to aid this transformation by offering diverse educational experiences designed to be inspirational for all those involved in the learning process. While we recognize our work is diverse, the entirety of the work we do is grounded in the four foundational elements of the comprehensive community college mission:
  1. To prepare people to succeed academically in college-level learning (academic preparation)
  2. To engage our students in learning activities that will prepare and advance them through the pursuit of a baccalaureate degree (transfer preparation)
  3. To develop individuals to enter or advance in productive, life-fulfilling occupations and professions (workforce development)
  4. To enrich the communities we serve through activities that stimulate and sustain a healthy society and economy (community development)