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Brian Gross



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From Alliance Brew Gear:

It’s the little things that determine the end result when brewing coffee; grind size, weight of grounds, the temperature, flow rate and amount of water that comes into contact with those grounds and for how long. So many tiny variables. Alliance Brew Gear helps you consistently manage those little things so you can focus on the bigger things, like your customers.

Where we are and where we’ve been:

A small group of us formed Alliance in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We all grew up in different parts of America, are in different seasons of life, and have different interests, family dynamics, backgrounds, and talents.

More important than what makes us different from one another is what brings us together. Everyone at Alliance Brew Gear shares a common history in the specialty coffee industry, and we love it. Together we’ve got dozens of years’ experience in the industry. We know the specialty coffee world and are honored to be part of it.

What we believe:

At Alliance Brew Gear, the golden rule is our guiding principle. We treat our customers, vendors, suppliers and fellow employees with the same level of respect that we expect for ourselves and those we love.

Integrity is integral. Regardless of whether or not it’s the easy thing, we choose the right thing, even if nobody sees it.

We appreciate temporary failures and setbacks for the education they provide, then get back up stronger and smarter for the experience.

How we do what we do:

We’ve all got different educational backgrounds and areas of expertise. However, as a small company we each wear many hats, band together, and help one another wherever needed. Everyone has a seat and a voice at the table.

That posture of collaboration lights our path. We strive to add value and make things better, whether in the workplace, the marketplace or your place.


We are in this together, so join the Alliance!