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  • Unemployment: 3.3%.(7.8% 2Q 2020)
  • Cheyenne Population: 63,957
  • Laramie County Population: 98,976
Labor Advantages
  • Right-to-work state
  • Laramie County union membership:  14% of the workforce.
  • Cheyenne has more than 12,000 under-employed people creating an attractive pool of available workers.
Labor Availability
  • Laramie County Community College students: 6,145 students
  • The University of Wyoming: 12,627 students
  • Colorado State University:33,413 students
  • University of Northern Colorado: 12,260 students
  • F.E. Warren AFB:  9,700 personnel, civil service and dependents.

Corporate businesses such as Lowe’s Regional Distribution Center,  VAE Nortrak, Magpul Industries, and Sierra have found a qualified, dedicated workforce.

Workforce Development Training Grants

The Workforce Development Training Grant fund provides money to employers to increase employee skills.

Business Training Grants and Apprenticeship Grants

Funding limits of:
$1,000/ employee/ year
$1,500/ employee/ year for preferred industries
$10K/ business/month
$50K/ business/ year